Quality Policy

Quality Assurance designs are set up as per particular necessities expressed by the client and separate ASTM determinations, Mandatary and supplimentary prerequisites are meant unique directions and reviews performed amid produce and assessment. Review stages and check hold indicates are chosen complete in process examination and record essential phases of investigation and tests.


A different Quality Assurance/Control Department works under the control of administration, free of generation. The Quality Assurance Department supervises extremely vital quality capacities and plays out the accompanying exercises.

Material Control System

This framework controls the nature of all approaching material. The approaching material determinations are co-related with Raw Material test declarations of the material. The checks and test are recorded. The material is given inside control No. furthermore, same is recorded for future reference.

Process Control System

Amid shaping, Forging and Heat treatment, Process Control System diagrams in process checks and controls to be taken after amid warm treatment and testing. Forging and interim heat treatment in the process control lessens the odds of presentation of factors all the while. Each part of fittings as characterized in ASTM determinations are subjected to warm treatment and testing. Testing is performed as per particular necessities. Test information is assessed by QA office and recorded in suitable organization, supplementary test like radiography, ultrasonic, corrosion testing and so forth is done according to code rules.

Machining & Dimensional Control

Suitable fixtures and layouts are utilized to keep up dimensional precision. Essential gages and calipers are adjusted occasionally to keep up their precision.

Finishing Painting & Dimentional Control

Carbon and alloy steel fitting are shot ballasted or salted and painted. Stainless steel fittings are salted and passivated. All fittings are set apart with measure, timetable, detail and producer stamp. Hardware adjustment and reviews are done according to quality designs.

Certification & Suplimentory Test

Fittings provided to the QAP are provided with test authentication. Test testament joins, Chemical, Mechanical and Hardness properties, additionally it gives subtle elements of Heat treatment, Hydro test weight, Supplimentary test and stamping points of interest.

  • Annealing Line.
  • Cold Rolling Mill
  • Skin Pass Mill
  • Slitting Line

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